My Heart Ties – The world's most beautiful ostomy pouch covers

After being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease I underwent colon surgery and began living life with an ileostomy. If you are a woman like me with an ostomy, I hope you will try the My Heart Ties Ostomy Pouch Cover. These beautiful ostomy covers have changed my life by helping me recapture my femininity and self-confidence.

My Heart Ties ostomy pouch covers

Our patented My Heart Tie™ cover has a drawstring system at the back that allows the coverlet to draw in around the flange of your appliance so it can be snugly tied into place. If you wear a one piece pouching system, simply remove the drawstring and attach the heart with your enclosed box of Hollywood Fashion Tape™. This double-sided hypoallergenic tape is used to keep your coverlet on during intimacy. Your shipment will automatically come with your first box of Hollywood Fashion Tape™ FREE (our gift to you).

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